IS MORAS is the new swimwear line born from the designers’ pure passion for fashion creations and their common vision of the feminine aesthetic.

The creative process is refined in every single detail, from the scrupulous research of the conception stage to the accurate selection of quality materials.
Our products are 100% MADE IN ITALY.

IS MORAS tastefully celebrates the sensuality of the female body.
The strong personality of our garments is deeply rooted in the force of the earth from which it draws inspiration from: the island of Sardinia, whose velvety beaches are voluptuary caressed by the crystalline sea and by the severity of the mistral.

Always bending the rules, our visually attractive and versatile garments are suitable for many occasions: from spending a day at the beach among friends, to enjoying a poolside cocktail or an elegant summer night.
IS MORAS gives the swimsuit a new life in every person’s wardrobe.